What is Bookmarking Demon?

Bookmarking Demon is none other than social bookmarking software which helps build backlinks to your website. Backlinks are the number one factor when it comes to ranking in the search engines, and as everyone knows search engines are the best way to get free, targeted traffic to your website.

Of course, if you don't use Bookmarking Demon, you could always:

Do They Update Bookmarking Demon?

I can safely say that Bookmarking Demon is one of those rare purchases that is updated very regularly, I first purchased the software back in May of 2007 as shown in the screenshot below:

And even almost two years later I'm still receiving regular updates about the product:

Does Bookmarking Demon Actually Work?

As shown in the screenshots above, I've used Bookmarking Demon for over 2 years now. There's no way that without this tool I would be able to make a full-time income online and work from home, which I now do. Actually, I'm sure I could have, but it would have taken a lot longer. Bookmarking Demon has become an indispensible tool in my link building arsenal and helps me get new sites ranking very quickly.

Just look at the earnings I was able to generate in one month with a brand new website that was literally days old, using nothing but links from Bookmarking Demon:

Note that all the earnings this site made were generated by search engine traffic, which the links from Bookmarking Demon were able to give me!

Will Search Engines Penalise My Site If I Use It?

One question that I see people asking me personally about Bookmarking Demon is will search engines penalise my site? After-all, this is a fully automated method for building potentially hundreds of backlinks. My first answer to the question is no and I have a valid reason for that...

If links to your site affected you negatively, then you could just run all your competitors through the tool and get their sites removed from Google. The search engines aren't stupid, there may be a time in the distant future when these links are not as effective as they are now, but for now this is really working well for me and has done for over two years.

I know for a fact that Edwin, the Bookmarking Demon creator, will keep updating this to include the hottest social bookmarking sites and the ones that are the most effective to help you with your results.